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  • Bringing Out the Best in People

    I am writing this article because why not have another article on the internet promoting positive behaviours? Here, I will explain how I see people

  • The Responsibilities of a Man

    As I grow up and decide how I want to contribute to this world, I find myself over the years seeking to answer this question

  • A Creative Approach of Defining Reality

    Motivation I am writing these articles because I have noticed that many people are scared to express themselves for fear of being judged by others.

  • How Judgment Affects us

    Introduction to Judgment In our lives, the word judgment is often used and can be expressed in many different contexts. We can hear it being

  • The Middle Eastern Experience

    During my travels, I spent over 10 weeks in Middle Eastern countries, opening my eyes to a completely different world and way of life. During

  • Pros and Cons of Long-Term Travelling

    I left Canada about 4 months ago and decided to explore other regions of the world to see how people live outside of my bubble.